Cottage Massage Therapy

Getting a ‘cottage call’ massage is a no hassle way of relaxation as you can enjoy scenery from your own dock, backyard, sun room or any where else you desire or feel comfortable. I will provide you with a customized 60 minute to 2 hour massage therapy session per person in the comfort and privacy of your own home or cottage. For your convenience, I will supply everything needed for your luxurious treatment, including sheets, table, music, lotions, ambiance (etc.). For additional information please see below:


Massage Pricing:

Minimum purchase is: $270

60 Minutes/Person – $135

90 Minutes/Person – $185

120 Minutes/Person – $235


Fees include taxes - Only Cash and Cheques will be accepted.
Registered Massage Therapist receipts will be supplied.


Transportation Pricing:

Car – Fee includes personal transportation up to 50 km (a fee of $10 per additional 10 km will be applied when necessary).


Boat Access Only – If your cottage is on an island, please note that you must provide me with transportation or cover water/boat taxi fees.


Serving the Parry Sound District and surrounding areas, such as; the 30 000 Islands, Pointe au Baril, Muskoka, Dunchurch and more upon request.


If Requested: Aesthetician Services, Yoga, Personal Training, Reiki and Reflexology may be made available. The additional pricing will be up to the service provider.

Dolly Halls Registered Massage Therapist - College of Massage Therapist of Ontario
Dolly Halls Registered Massage Therapist
Dolly Halls Registered Massage Therapist -registered massage therapist association of ontario